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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day weekend - camping

Four days is a bit too long.

I have included a slide show of the photos so that it won't take up so much space on the posting, then the journal entries to tell the story. Enjoy!


Friday, 9/3/10, 9:15 a.m.:
I called John at the lake and he said we could get here early this a.m. The rangers station was not open at 8:00, so we came to the cabin. Thank goodness, the door was not locked. I forgot to take a picture of the loaded car - quite amazing how packed it was. Sadie and Sunshine seemed happy, they checked out the cabin and the grounds while Renee' and I unloaded the car and got things set up. I had to call the office because we had no picnic table which we need to use the Coleman stove and to eat outside. Right now I'm sitting on the porch, Sadie and Sunshine lying near me, Renee' is making hot chocolate and coffee. Very nice temp, 78 degrees, no humidity really, slight breeze and water is completely calm.
Renee bought our biscuits this morning on the way (bacon/egg/cheese, OJ for Renee', sausage and diet Pepsi for me). Now, four wonderful days of heaven! May have to improvise if they don't come to bring a picnic table.
The came and moved the picnic table before 10:00!! I took Sadie and Sunshine down to the water; Sadie stepped in and drank some, Sunshine just smelled around the edge of the shoreline.

Friday, 3:30 p.m.

Since the morning was cool, Renee' and I setup the tent - all I had to do was read the directions. Renee' was a big help, don't think I could have done it by myself. She got in it and called Sadie to join her. If it turns cool as forecast, I may check it out one night. I took two of the bunk mattresses (or pads) and put under the sleeping bag which made it very comfortable.
After we rested from putting up the tent, Renee' and I had sandwiches for lunch (ham/cheese/lettuce/tomato w/mustard with chips and dip for Renee, bologna/lettuce/tomato/onion/mayo with chocolate chip cookie for me.
Then we both worked on our hooking projects. We both felt happy, we would talk a bit, reassuring Renee' of the dates and times of our stay, and when everybody might come to see us, what time we go home, and when I have to go back to work.
Later we took the dogs on their leash and walked to the bathroom. Since no one else was around, I locked the door and let the dogs stay with us. I don't understand why the cabins aren't full of renters on this holiday weekend, maybe they'll come later tonight - it is Friday after all.
When I'm here there is total peace and calm, no news, no TV, it's like the world doesn't exist, just my special world.
Renee' and I are trying to decide what to have for supper. I guess no matter where you are, you have to still make decisions.

We went to the store and got two candy bars (a Zero for me, snickers for Renee'), 2 bags of ice, 2 containers of fishing worms just in case I decide to fish in the a.m.
Hamburgers and BBQ chicken wings (the wings for our snack later). I'm waiting for the charcoal to get ready. Renee's is inside working on her rug.
I've almost finished my rug, one more round. I put it on the floor to see how it looked and Sadie immediately investigated and lay herself right down on it like it was her rug. She has good taste!
Later that night, I started another audiobook by David Balducci.

Saturday, September 4, 2010, 7:30 a.m.
Renee' surprisingly stayed up to finish her rug! So we have both completed our rugs. I will sew the edges of her rug when we get home so she can hang it in her room. It matches her wall color perfectly.
Last night Sunshine wanted to sleep with me and Sadie's special locker rug was not enough to stop the jealousy, so there was a mild disagreement between the two. They both ended up on the rug. I had a little trouble going to sleep and lay there watching Renee' work diligently on her rug. When she got in her bunk, lights out - sleep came. Sometime early morning Sunshine sneaked into my sleeping bag, Sadie was snoring.
Cabin #1 and #3 are rented. No close neighbor in #4. Sadie and Sunshine have done so marvelous, but today when others drop by to visit will be the real test.
Renee' and I have been to the facilities and Renee' went back to bed as usual on the weekends. I'm sitting with the dogs on the porch. It is very cool, slight breeze, perfect morning. I may go fishing but first I need to see if I can find my stringer. I lost one last trip when I didn't have it tied well to my kayak. My brother St3eve should be here soon. He is bringing my kayak as I didn't have room for it in my car. Then we'll have breakfast.

Saturday 12:15 p.m.
Steve came around 9:00. I was fishing, caught one bigger fish and one medium fish. It is very windy. Steve took his kayak out. After a while I fixed breakfast. I had previously cooked the brat sausage, so just fixed grits and fried eggs. Steve had already had breakfast, so just had a piece of sausage and a little grits. The dogs barked quite a bit but hopefully they will get accustomed to the way it is here and settle down.
Steve went back out on the choppy water (from the wind). After Renee' and I got back from the facilities, she sat on the bank while I fished for a while. Pretty windy, but the sun is not shining right now in my face like it will be later today. Sharon and Jessica will be here about 3:00 this afternoon. Donnie and the boys can't come because Jason is sick.
Steve wrote in the journal before he left.

Later Saturday:
Sharon and Jessica arrived and got settled in. That night we ate chicken breast and fried potatoes. Jessica and Sharon gathered twigs and sticks for kindling and Jessica started a campfire. We sat by the fire, talking about songs she had on her ipod. She couldn't find downloads for some of my oldie favorites. The man in #3 cabin came up and offered us some firewood. Sharon and Jessica helped him bring a few pieces of wood back to our place. The neighbor also invited us over tomorrow for a fish fry. After a while we went inside and started our canasta tournament. Jessica had never played before. (I'll post the scores at the end of the post).

Sunday, September 5, 2010, 6:30 a.m. WHAT A NIGHT!
We played Canasta until about midnight. While we were playing cards, Sadie and Sunshine had a huge fight; I don't know what caused it. I took the dogs and slept in the tent or at least I tried. In the tent, the dogs fought again. Sharon came out and took Sadie back to the cabin, Sunshine stayed with me in the tent.
Early morning the porch light come on and I saw Sharon taking Renee' to the bathroom. I still had my hearing aids in because I didn't want to get out of the tent to take them inside. About 5 a.m. I heard this bellowing yell "Mama" and thought it was coming from the campgrounds further down the road, or I was dreaming, still half asleep. Then, Jessica came to the tent, "Nana, Mama's calling you she needs you." Being half asleep and it being my first time getting out of the tent, no glasses on, and no light really, I couldn't figure out where the zipper was to the tent opening. I felt a calm panic (if there is such a thing) inside me, my mind could not get a grip on what was happening. The woman from #3 appeared at the tent and said something about my daughter needing me. I remember thinking, which daughter? It's all sort of blurred in my memory. Finally Jessica got the tent unzipped, I think. She also handed me a flashlight. I guess I was planning to run across the field in the dark. I took the flashlight, walked rapidly, half asleep to the bathroom. Sharon had been the one that screamed for me (many times she said, although I only heard it once). Sharon told me that Renee' had collapsed. The man in #3 had picked Renee' up and started carrying her back to our cabin until Sharon said, "No, she needs to go to the bathroom". So, he took her to the bathroom. When I got there, the man was going to get his truck to drive Renee' back to the cabin so she wouldn't have to walk. Sharon was so upset, understandably. She said Renee' looked really pale and her eyes rolled back. When I got to Renee' in the bathroom, I asked her if she wanted to go home and she said no. I can't imagine what caused this except for the fact that I was in the tent and not with her in the cabin and she possibly had a panic attack.
After getting Renee' back to the cabin, Sharon and Jessica and I were too uptight to go back to sleep, so we sat outside. The moon was different than I had ever seen, grey-purple with a white ring, and a white slither moon. Maybe no more four-day trips and maybe no dogs from now on. Sharon and Jessica eventually went back to bed. I guess I'll start cooking breakfast, or maybe I'll go fishing.
A little later in the morning, our #3 neighbors came down to see how Renee' was doing. I couldn't thank them enough for all their help and care. When the man (Ron) saw Sadie, he said that she was an Indian spirit dog. I'll have to look that up when I get home.

Sunday, 1:45 p.m.

After breakfast (sausage/bacon/eggs/grits, milk/OJ) - I took Sadie and Sunshine home. Renee' rode with me. After about two hours we were back at the cabin. I was not in a good mood. Back at the cabin, I went fishing on my kayak (after making sure Renee' knew what I was doing). The sun was bright, wish I had gone in the morning hours. No bites or nibbles. I guess the fish could feel my frustration. After about an hour of fighting the current from the motor boats, I came back to the cabin. Jessica was playing in the fire, Sharon and Renee' were asleep. I fixed me a diet Pepsi and had four chocolate chip cookies.
That afternoon, we went to get our fish dinner from Ron and Deborah in cabin #3. Very good catfish. A good change from our usual. As usual, I had brought too much food.
Now I believe it's time to finish our canasta tournament!

Monday, September 6, 2010
Sharon and Jessica wrote in the journal.
We played canasta most of the evening. We decided it was a little too hard to see by flashlight so we sat by the fire that Jessica had made from the surprisingly large amount of twigs and limbs they had gathered on the grounds and around. The fire was really nice, very relaxing. Sharon had 3 Down coverlets that we used around us. It was a cool night, but we felt cozy. A good ending to such an eventful day.
We all slept in the cabin, no more tent for me, I guess. I didn't wake up until 7:15 this morning. I rekindled the fire from the hot coals. Sharon woke and we had our coffee by the fire, just waking up slowly.
I called my friend, Barb, who said she couldn't make it. So, I started breakfast (brat sausages/pork chops/eggs) pretty good, I have to say.
After breakfast, Jessica said she wasn't in the mood to go kayaking and agreed to stay with Renee'. I made sure Renee' knew what I was going to do and gave her kisses. She was fine and turned over to continue her snooze. Sharon and I took our books and paddled for a while. We were back at the cabin in less than an hour. Jessica was upset. When she and Renee' were going to the bathroom, Renee' started having one of her dizzy feelings again which scared Jessica understandably. They got back to the cabin and all was fine, but Jessica was still upset.
I guess what I'm finding out is that Renee' as well as the dogs are true home bodies. Four days and three nights is pushing the limit.
Sharon and Jessica brought up the kayaks and we played a short (2000) game of canasta before packing up the cars. We left around 2:00. Everybody had things to do, Sharon and Jess had to study, I had to wash clothes, and recuperate!

Monday 4:15 p.m.
At home! Had my shower after unpacking everything. I wish things had gone better, so stressful. Maybe next time will be better. I'll go just for Saturday and come back Sunday, take picnic food and snacks, and just rest. I will also get firewood next time, especially since it's getting cooler. And, of course leave Sadie and Sunshine at home.

Note to Sharon and Jess:
I'm feeling "random" (just between us, you would have had to have been there).

Canasta scores:

Date Jessica Sharon Nana
9/4-- 5550..... 2310..... 1765
9/4-- 3739..... 5395..... 2905
9/5-- 4570..... 4425...... 5470
9/5-- 3445..... 4960...... 5080
9/5-- 2190..... 2840..... 1425 (short game)

Until next time/Bunch

PS - I googled Indian spirit dog and sure enough, there was a picture very much like Sadie. Well, since Sadie is an Indian dog, then Sunshine must be a cowgirl because this weekend they got along like the cowboys and Indians in the old westerns.

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Julia said...

Deb, you sure have a lots of adventures on your camping trips and it was fun to read. I'm sorry that it was stressful with some disturbances here and there but you had some restful moments too.

I used to go camping with the kids but we had a 19 foot camper trailer with all the necessary things that one could have in a house. It even had a canopy to give me some shade on hot days. It was small but well organized and my husband drove the camper and set it up for me and went back to the farm to work and I stayed alone with the four kid for a whole week at a time.
It was really relaxing and it felt like home away from home and only took a few minutes to tidy up. I did this for a few summer until a creepy man started to hang around, that's when I called my husband to come and get the camper. I never went back to that beautiful place and we sold the camper the following year as my husband was too busy cutting hay in the summer and couldn't stay with us. I was more worried about the kids than myself. Not much of an adventure but I thought I'd share it. JB