"The dragonfly is symbol of renewal, positive force and the power of life in general; also a symbol of the sense of self that comes with maturity, a creature of the wind, it represents change. And as a dragonfly lives a short life, it knows it must live its life to the fullest"
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Favorite tribute


Julia said...

This reminded me that my son almost had to have one of the horses put to sleep this week. It's getting old and is in retirement at the farm and is suffering from lameatitis ( I can't spell it right) but the vet has suggested to wait a little while.

I like how the team of horses all take a bow at the end.


geewits said...

I saw this on your FB yesterday and it made me tear up. I love it.

Deb said...

I know - it does me too - no matter when I watch it.