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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cooler Days

Wednesday, August 25, 2010:

Finally, it seems like the hottest days may be gone, I surely hope so. It has been to muggy and hot for me to go kayaking. I am looking forward to the fall and may even try kayaking when it's cold. We'll see.

A little over a week - next camping trip. I extended the reservation, since I realized that that weekend is a holiday. Put in for time off of work, so now we have four days. It will be a new experience because I am going to take Sadie and Sunshine. The rules of the lake do not allow them in the cabin, so I'm going to take a tent and, more than likely I will end up sleeping with them at night - I hope it is for sure cool then!

It will also be a challenge to see how I'm going to pack my Matrix for a four-day camping trip, two tents, two dogs, the items Renee' packs, and my kayak in my car. I hope I remember to take a picture - it may make the Guinness book of records, or for sure Ripley's believe it or not!

In the meantime, I've been working on my rug hooking and locker hooking projects. I also had to put together a cubicle-cabinet and put it on top of my homemade bookshelf to hold my hooking fabric. After seeing the progress of this, I think might just be able to fit everything in my car.

(Pretty good forecast according to weather.com) I hope this is true, good weather for grilling, kayaking, and sleeping with dogs in a tent!

Updated forecast:

Forecast ..............................(Forecast) Also hurricane Earl may cause rain!!!
8/25/10................................. 8/29/10

Fri 3 Hi 89°F Lo 65°F......... (92-68)
Sat 4 Hi 83°F Lo 60°F........ (92-66)
Sun 5 Hi 83°F Lo 60°F...... (86-65)
Mon 6 Hi 83°F Lo 59°F..... (86-66)

Til next time/ Bunch

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Julia said...

Hope that your weekend turns out lovely and that you get well rested from your work. Cooler weather will sure make your weekend more enjoyable and no unwelcome surprises. Have a great time with Renee.