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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall and fire pit

Friday, October 28,2010:
I think fall weather is truly here. I bought a fire pit for my back patio a couple of weeks ago. I live in the city and you are not allowed to have an open fire like I used to have when I lived in the country. I have enjoyed a few nights just sitting by the fire. It is so relaxing.
Last weekend my daughter and two grandkids came over. I grilled some hamburgers, we roasted marshmallows, they made Smores, Sharon studied some of her biology, Jessica downloaded a couple of songs for me on her phone (or MP3 or whatever). Jason did a good job using my pocketknife to whittle a stick for roasting. Renee' made popcorn and sat by the fire with us for a while.
The next day, Sunday, I was working in the front yard. Marilyn and Seth had brought me some more firewood (I had only purchased enough to fill up the backseat of my car) and when I was raking in the pine straw, I disturbed a yellow-jacket nest in the ground and was stung under my right eye -thankfully only one bee got me. I felt really bad the rest of that day so I didn't get a chance to webcam with my son and his family in Hawaii.
Today the high is around 60 degrees, nights much cooler, so this weekend I will hopefully get to enjoy some campfires. No more yard work for a while.

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